Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CircleACycles Providence, RI

523 Charles Street
Providence, RI
Chris Bull & Brian Chapman

What do you do:
We build custom bicycle frames from start to finish, as well as repair existing bicycle frames and forks. (Some processes used include cutting, machining, brazing, welding and painting)

What spaces did you make: This one.

Why is space important to you:
The organization of space is really important for us because it increases our efficiency. Prior to building up the space, Brian and Chris mapped out an aerial view using software which allowed them to visualize the high traffic areas. The focus was to reduce traffic by organizing setups, hand tools, clamps, and machines so that the process of building a bicycle would have fluidity. Although Chris and Brian's processes differ slightly, they produce an equally sensational experience and remarkable product for their users.

Several weeks ago Brian and Chris volunteered time and materials for Roller Races, a fundraiser for Recycle-A-Bike promoting bicycle reuse and up-cycling. Brian and Chris were responsible for building several of the bicycles used in the contest. More info can be found here ( Brian commented that the event was especially great because of the variety of causes involved. Recycle-A-Bike being one, and the environmental sustainability of the space located at 28 Walcott Street, Providence. Brian stressed that cause is important to him when participating in or attending any event.

What attracts you to specific spaces:
A place where i don't feel on display. If i want to participate, i can. If i want to be a wall-flower, i can do that as well.

I chose to interview Brian at Circle-A-Cycles because we (RISD) share a common work ethic, intensity and critical aesthetic study as Brian and Chris. They spend up to 65+ hours per week including saturdays and sometimes sundays. They are constantly challenged structurally and visually. Their bicycles create interactions in a variety of environments, especially sidewalks where most bicycles are locked up. After seeing one, a Circle-A-Frame is hard to miss.

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