Sunday, April 5, 2009

Midnight Soccer, Warwick RI

For those interested, Midnight Soccer occurs every Thursday night from 12:00am-2:00am. Shuttles depart from the mail room at 11:45pm. Skill level ranges from several years of training to having little or no experience. Most people who attend, play. We also have a small group of fans that appear each week. Indoor soccer resembles the studio environment in interesting ways. The abundance of artificial light reminds me of studio, when entering our perception of time is altered. A time when we should be at sleep and resting is the time we use to catch up, edit, or start an entire project from scratch (sometimes due the following morning). Midnight soccer has on occasion grown very intense and competitive, but at the same time it still remains leisurely and silly.
Because of its location and time, midnight soccer removes me from RISD both physically and mentally. I like this. Playing is doing, relying on gut instincts. Every play is unpredictable, if you mess up, its no big deal.

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