Sunday, May 10, 2009

Five essentials for an interactive space at RISD

The Artist Ball is one of the largest events at RISD. It provides a space for students to step away from their work and have fun. Although departmental hybrid classes have the ability to introduce students to one another, RISD lacks fun student social engagement. Students are tired of listening to people lecture all day, they want to mingle, they want to talk.
RISD should think of itself as an educational institution, not a business. We endure an intense curriculum. I don’t want to talk about art and design all day everyday. RISD invests so much time inviting guest artist and designers to speak. Sadly, not that many people show up. Its simply too much and students are too tired. The space doesn’t need to be designed, all it needs are the core ingredients that have brought people together for ages.
-live music

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