Sunday, May 10, 2009

Will I give back once I’m gone?

Does food really embody culture? The food at RISD is outrageously expensive, glorified beyond its means, and tastes awful. Having little nutritional value, and wholesome fulfillment, I ask myself is this it?
Ideas are dense with potential, unfortunately they are also bloated with egoism and arrogance. Would I give back to an institution that nurtures arrogance, certainly not! I’m tired of paying too much money for a glorified salad, I want something real, whole and humble.
Is American culture at fault, are the systems that construct our living terribly flawed? Fact: It costs more money in the US to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. From electric cars to fluorescent light bulbs. As dense urban areas become far too expensive to live in, we are financially forced into automobiles only to become a slave to the oil industry, car manufacturers, insurance companies, vehicle registration departments, yearly inspections and repair centers. Believe it or not, driving an automobile is cheaper than trying to afford an apartment where buying local is simply right around the corner. Not everyone can afford to buy local and the majority of expolited working families can’t afford to not shop at Wal-Mart.
The idea of this class intrigued me because I want to work towards something larger than myself. I don’t think its possible to take the self out of art and design, but we all have the capacity to care. If RISD wishes to continue exploiting it’s students, good luck! And if it thinks it can seek creative potential among its over privileged self-centered patrons, shame on you. There is far more potential, hope and commitment embodied within the underprivileged students you neglect.

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