Sunday, May 10, 2009

Proposal: Arts and Music Festival

Of the many complex structures we discussed in class, only two remained essential for any event, drinks and food. RISD has the outdoor real estate both physically and aesthetically. I don’t understand why it can’t use it to provide the space (volume) and place (providence waterfront) and promote interactions via music, arts and food. Students don’t care about water fire, it’s boring as hell. Is creepy goblins and ambiguous eastern music the only thing Providence has to offer, this is a joke. There needs to be an event which encompasses RISD, Brown, JWU, and Rhode Island College. Not everyone attends Spring weekend at Brown because there is nothing to take away, or take home. I think RISD can bridge that gap by providing an experience based on its variety of students interests and backgrounds.
The Place: RISD Campus.
The Space: Market Square, the Water Front. All streets should be closed off. South Main, Weybosset, College Hill. These areas will provide the space for food drinks and areas to sit. The streets should appear as a promenade. Free Parking spaces will be available on event hand out.
The Time: Annually, every Fall.
So incoming students have the opportunity to meet other students from other colleges.
The Food: Everything. No RISD caters crap, Portfolio or MET food unless it’s free. The food should exhibit an abundance of cultural, historic and economic diversity. This can be provided free from local restaurants as a way to advertise. Indian, European, Asia, Pacific etc.. Whoever we can get. Restaurants located on Thayer, Wickenden, South Main and the West Side are encouraged to participate. (Especially the West Side, South American) Kettle corn is a must!
The Music: Rhode Island college has a tremendous Music Program. They can provide several pieces which will be performed outside, not in the auditorium. I am guessing Brown may also have a music department. There are many local bands who can also participate, they can be sponsored by local music halls,
-Firehouse 13
-Possibly a revival of The Living Room

The Art: Several galleries will be open to the public provided there are maps which can easily show where and when the artwork will be displayed. Art should be kept indoors to protect from wind, water heat etc. Unless the piece can be exhibited outdoors.
The Performances: All colleges can perform. The stage will be market square. There can also be performances in the auditorium.
-Brown/Jwu and local B-Boys dance crews.
-Other dance crews (RIC, AS220)
-Poetry slams
-Soap-Box Derby?

The interactions:
These will be inspired by the interests we share. Sign-ups for clubs both college related and non-college related will be available, not just RISD/BROWN. Networking will occur via email, facebook, and mass event text messages to promote future events. I think RISD has invested too much time focusing on itself. It should provide to everyone it's most inherent quality, its space and place.

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