Monday, April 6, 2009

Street art/sculpture

Revised Proposal


Street art is a way of expressing/presenting Artists and Designers work and Ideas
to a wider public audience. Used as a medium for communication and interaction across communities.


The Projects aims are three fold, firstly to combine the ideas and talents of a number of RISD students from different departments and year groups in one project. Secondly to involve the younger generation, school children into the project. And thirdly to present this collaboration of work across the spectrum to the wider public community through Street art interventions.


There are 3 possible sites for the project

1) RISD Green / Benefit St

2) Market sq / Waterfront RISD Store

3) Downtown Providence sq – corner of Washington/Union St


There seems to be two prominent divides here at RISD and in Providence.

The first divide is institutionally based. Student’s predominately work within their departments, they have little interaction between other departments and therefore there is a lack of interaction between students from different years and disciplines as there life evolves solely in their place of work. This could be seen to be due to little cross discipline work opportunities, the spread out nature of campus buildings and departments, and the difference between Grad and Undergrad students.

The Second divide is between the institution and the general public at large. Most of what we do as students at; what one would hope is a creative and Innovative institution, here at RISD is done behind closed doors; a “card swipe away”. The work is produced internally behind building walls, with little opportunities for the wider community at large to view or participate in. On the few opportunities where work is presented such as department shows and gallery exhibits it is not directly geared (marketed) towards public viewing with guests and viewers more friends of friends or affiliates in some way or the other with the school, rather than Jo blogs who sees a poster on the street and pops in to see what’s going on.


My Intervention would involve a number of students from different RISD departments working together to create sculptures, which can be viewed and enjoyed by the wider community, as well as creating a sense of our community being a part of a wider local community.

The project plan would involve as many departments in this project intervention as possible, the idea being at least one student from Architecture/Interior, Industrial Design, Sculpture, Textile, Graphic Design, and Museum Education.

The second involvement would be school children who, depending on the concept and designs decided upon by the project team for the street art sculptures would in my mind be involved in the finishing aspects to the work such as painting designs and images on to the sculptures with completely free rain in what they want to do.
The end product a number a collection of art/sculptures with a collage of images and designs painted onto them.


When it comes to the materials used for the street installation I would like to concentrate on the use of recyclable materials, and this is where a fourth element to the project gets involved. The fourth element would involve the wider RISD community who would be involved in supplying and donating odd bits of materials furniture, whatever, to the designers who would then sift through the materials and use these to create designs and sculptures from them.


The project Is large in scale and in involvement and therefore I see this as a semester project and undertaken by those involved as a Independent Study.

The costs involved would be minimal as the bulk of the materials used will be from a collection of recyclable materials. The finishing aspects such as paints would in theory be where the main expenditure of finances go, and I do not foresee these costs running over $200.


Undowtably the involvement of students from each of the key disciplines outlined above is needed but not completely crucial and can come from any discipline here at RISD, specific disciplines outlined above offer varying resources to the project. Museum education has strong links with the younger generation of providence with Grad students from the discipline involved in work with school children and children in local Hospitals, a further discipline Graphic design could offer a useful work skill in publicizing the work through posters, leaflets, internet as well as most importantly through the local media and newspapers.

In terms of the use of street space depending on the location - different officials would need to be consulted to gain approval for the project work depending on who owns the site. If it is on the Providence Green, then those needed to be consulted would be faculty members who govern and decided such installations. If placed on street space at sites 2 & 3 city officials would need to be consulted to gain permission.


The outcome is a community project, which brings both RISD departments together, while involving the wider community of providence. The hope is that by presenting what we do behind closed doors, we can start to involve and present to the local community more of what we do. And hopefully at the same time inspire the younger generation towards design and art by participating in the project as well as seeing what goes on within the school.

Examples of street installations:

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