Monday, March 16, 2009

An Interview with Chris Andries

Interview With Chris Andries
Monday, March 9 2009

Chris Andries is the current co-owner and operator of Armageddon Shop, a record store & mail order store located in Providence, RI. Armageddon Shop opened in 2001, and is an hub of community activity.

Chris has also been the primary booking manager at AS220.

Over the course of our conversation, I asked Chris about his involvement in the Providence community, as an owner of a record store. We spoke specifically about his role in the Providence rock community as the booking manager at AS220. Chris spoke explicitly to the importance of effective physical advertising, methods of mobilization, and the importance of cross-programmatic spaces.

At Armageddon, Chris supports local artists. He allows local musicians to shamelessly plaster the front windows of the shop with concert bills, of which he keeps on and therefore has amassed quite a rare archive of Providence musical ephemera. Inside the shop he encourages local artists to hang artwork, display magazines, shirts, and of course cd’s, all on consignment. On a more personal note, Christ has bore witness to casual interactions at Armageddon blossom into, not only relationships of a musical nature, but of a romantic one.

To be continued….

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