Wednesday, March 18, 2009



RISD Green / Benefit St

Market sq / Waterfront RISD Store


Through both RISD students and the wider providence community, design and build artistic sculptures to go on display on either the street or the open sq spaces.
The Idea to show & present the creative side to what we do here at RISD for the wider community to see as well as be involved with, and to try and involve the idea of the “Street” with what goes on internally behind our building walls.

My Intervention would involve a number of students from different RISD departments working together to create work which can be viewed and enjoyed by the wider community, as well as creating a sense of our community being part of an area alongside the local community. In the interviews I conducted one aspect which became most apparent was the lack of interdisciplinary socialization which went on with students really involved in there own departments.

I would want to involve as many departments in this project intervention as possible, the idea being one or two student from each. The key departments; Interior Architecture, Industrial Design, Sculpture, Textile, Graphic Design, and Museum Education.

Why Museum education one may ask! Well in order to involve aspects of the wider community I would want to involve school kids who could be part of creating designs or patterns for these sculptures. The students in the Museum education department here at RISD are directly involved with Kids from schools as well as Kids ill in hospital who could also be involved in the project.

The graphic design students would be involved in the presentation side to the project slide show, posters, promotion really the publicity side. As we would want to get the message and the intervention project out there so that the wider community would want to visit as well as feel involved with livening up an area.

From the other Department students would be involved in the design and creation of these sculptures to be placed in the community spaces at the chosen locations on campus.

Further to this if the projects took place on public property such as benefit st and Market sq then the involvement of Providence Planning department would be needed.

The outcome of the project one would hope would be a project, which brings RISD departments together all involved in one project. It would involve and also bring the wider community of providence together by involving the younger generation of the community. It would also present what we do behind our closed doors and try bridge the gap between the Academic institution and communities beyond.

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